Overnight Studio provides a wide range of multimedia production services, from art to commercial, photography to videography, 2D animation to 3D rendering. Our vision is to cultivate and converge art, culture and project management into an immersive brand.

Overnight Studio was founded in 2011 by a group of passionate and energetic young entrepreneurs with dynamic backgrounds. Overnight visualizes concepts from scratches of ideas provided by our clients, partners & artists through our well-reckoned pre-production and post-production services. We are honored to be sponsored and supported by various brands like Samsung, Nokia, Holga, Wepaa, Wacom, Datacolor, Eizo, Phottix and many others.

Within a few years, we have earned trust & opportunities in a global scale. Throughout the years we have been hosting various exhibitions in galleries and arts centers over the globe; from Hong Kong, Shanghai, Osaka, to New York, Germany and London. This trust we gained from our clients has motivated us to set up our first overseas branch in Shanghai.

Together with our team we are dedicated to give our best to customer in the coming future and to continue the legacy.

晨光製作(Overnight Studio)成立於2011,主要業務為多媒體創作涵蓋廣告創作、涵蓋商業、藝術 、電影、動畫製作等,致力為客戶提供一站式的完善服務,以旗下強大的創作及製作團隊,將客戶的概念化為真實,以影像呈現。


憑藉在業界多年的商業製作經驗,本公司有幸得多個品牌及團體的支持,如Samsung, Nokia, Holga, Wepaa, Wacom, Datacolor, Eizo, Phottix等等,成功將天馬行空的創意引入商業製作當中,策成了不少有效的宣傳活動。在各方面的支持下,本公司於2013踏入中國市場,在上海建立第一家分公司。

在未來的日子裡,我們將大力拓展專才培訓的相關業務,希望發掘出具有不同潛力的青少年,繼續集結各個領域的創新人才, 為客戶繼續提供最意想不到的意念及最完善的執行方案。

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